Division Departments

The Division of Equity and Social Justice consists of multiple departments within the county of Santa Clara. Each department has its own goals and mission in the work that they do, but they all have the following collective goals:

  • Engage directly to provide resources and supports
  • Partnership with CBOs to provide resources and supports
  • Increase accessibility of specific safety-net services
  • Improve System-wide collaborations to address needs and barriers
  • Support County Departments to better engage and serve the Community
  • Educate stakeholders in the community
  • Partner in relevant efforts outside the county

The structure of the Division is as follows:

Division Department within as a Triangle

The Division provides guidance and structure to all seven departments. Below you will find information on all the ​​Departments within the Divison of Equity and Social Justice. For more specific information on what each department is currently working one, follow their link to read more about the great work each of the Departments are doing.

Office of Women's Policy


Office of Cultural Competency




Office of Immigrant Relations


Office of LGBTQ Affairs


Office of the Census










Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement











Office of Gender Based Violence Prevention












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