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Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
Develop and advise on the development of a county-wide ordinance and policy that will codify/mandate gender-based analysis into all county operations. 

Pay Equity 
To develop a county-wide pay equity strategy to reduce disparities in pay among county workforces. 

Family Friendly Workplace Certification Program 
Provide local businesses with the tools to create family-inclusive policies and practices that support the diverse needs of their workforce.

Juvenile Justice Gender Responsive Collaborative 
Provide a gender lens to highlight inequities in custodial settings for female-identifying youth from a systems approach. 

Menstrual Equity Initiatives 
Leveling the playing field by providing equitable access to period products to individuals in need. 

When Young Moms Thrive Initiative 
To support and empower young moms (ages 12-26) by closing equity gaps and providing employment training opportunities. 

Jail Monitoring Program 
Engage in authentic engagement with incarcerated women to assess equity in the custodial system policies and reduce recidivism. 

Title IX 
To increase safety on school campuses for all students by supporting educational institutions in Santa Clara County and related community engagement. 

Womanhood Project 
To recognize the historical contributions of women in Santa Clara County through art. 

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