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County of Santa Clara

Language Access Unit

The Language Access Unit, which operates under the Division of Equity and Social Justice within the County Executive's Office, is dedicated to addressing the language needs of County departments and agencies, as well as promoting equitable access to services and resources for our community. 


County's Mission 

The mission of the County of Santa Clara is to plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide quality services, and promote a healthy, safe, and prosperous community for all. 

LAU’s Goal 

The goal of the Language Access Unit is to connect, provide and promote high-quality and culturally appropriate language services to County of Santa Clara Departments and Agencies. 



A County where individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access to the County of Santa Clara’s services and information.   


Our Pro-Equity Approaches

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Change the Narrative
Promote inclusive language and dialogue to shift the narrative and foster equity in government's language access initiatives. 

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Subject Matter Expertise
Develop a team of language access experts to ensure accountability and effective leadership in advancing language access priorities across the County. 

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Transformational Change
Implement transformative strategies to dismantle language barriers and reform systems, structures, and policies that hinder equitable language access.

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Partnerships and Community Engagement
Engage with community organizations and language access stakeholders to forge partnerships and drive collective impact in improving language access services. 

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Policy Analysis
Conduct research and evaluation to improve local policy and management in the realm of language access, striving to create inclusive language access policies and guidelines. 

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Data, Evaluation, and Accountability
Establish accessible data infrastructures and employ data-driven approaches to identify disparities, track progress, and hold accountable the provision of equitable language access services 

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