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The More Than Just Project

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Developed by filmmaker and advocate Lianna Vibes, the More Than Just Project (MTJP) is about visibility, integrity, and truth about between Transgender, Gender Expansive, and Intersex (TGI) people and their benefit to the workplace. During a time where anti-trans rhetoric is at its strongest, MTJP highlights the power of the TGI individuals, that they are more than just their gender identity or gender expression.

TGI people are dynamic individuals who, just like the guiding force behind Silicon Valley, are innovative due to the blend of personal lived experience and professional expertise. MTJP was started to highlight these stories: Everyday people who are not looking to be famous but are looking to be recognized for the contributions they bring and the passions, drive, creativity, and skills they possess in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Core Values

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Employment Is a Relationship 
We foster confidence in the power of visibility and highlighting stories of TGI people in the workforce to show we are more than our gender identity or gender expression. We support TGI affirming employers to access the value of TGI people helping brands & organizations grow. Together, we nurture, affirm, and nourish these relationships.


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Representation Beyond Sensationalism
We are sensitive and aware of the negative narrative about TGI people as this has affected job seekers, applicants, recruiters, hiring managers, organizations, and brands negatively. MTJP seeks to bring authenticity & truth to the forefront rather than sensationalism or negative stereotypes.


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Together We Innovate In Excellence
We appreciate the dynamic skilled individual and focus less on what makes us different, but on the strength in our shared qualities. TGI people come with a wide array of professional experiences, interests, skills, and passions. We highlight these authenticities, rather than focusing on what separates us. We look on ways to thrive, together.

What Are MTJP’s Goals?

MTJP seeks to address the gap between TGI people and employment in Santa Clara County. Findings in the Santa Clara County Transgender, Nonbinary, and Gender Expansive Study (2022) show the challenges TGI people encounter in workplaces and the hiring process. These challenges may dissuade TGI people from entering the workforce due to fear of discrimination, ridicule, attack to their personal safety, harassment, and inappropriate sensationalism or focus on their gender identity or gender expression rather than their qualifications as a candidate or professional experience.

Through MTJP, our goal is to provide confidence to employers in recruiting, hiring, and retaining TGI job seekers, employees, business owners, freelancers, and those who stimulate the local economy.

What is a TGI Person?

TGI is an umbrella term that includes Transgender, Gender Expansive, & Intersex people. According to the Status of LGBTQ Health Report (2013), it’s estimated there are as many as 3,500 TGI individuals in Santa Clara County.

Why Should I care?

Being TGI isn’t about sensationalism—it’s about authenticity.

In 2023, there has been push back from fiascos witnessed by brands aligning with TGI people, many of which do not represent or recognize the many diverse TGI people that are simply trying to live productive lives and help build and support communities.

Organizations benefit hiring TGI people because of their individual skills & unique perspectives. The More Than Just Project seeks to amplify such stories in that celebrate TGI successes and contributions in the workplace.

How Can TGI People Help Organizations Grow?

Innovation. Dynamic perspective. In Silicon Valley, to be on the cutting edge requires experience from diverse perspective. TGI people have direct experience in the process of courage, transformation, & skilled adaptability to change.

Many TGI people have made important discoveries in a vast array of fields. From tech, such as Lynn Conway who was a pioneer and completely revolutionized microchip design & production, to military, like Dr. Rachel Levine, an admiral, who holds 4-stars, TGI people have revolutionized industries in a powerful way.

How Can I Help?

MTJP is about visibility - For employers, TGI people, and the union of common goals & objectives.

Employers can promote the More Than Just Project symbol on their website or social media channels year-round. The downloadable badge will be the signal, the lighthouse of refuge, allowing a clear indication that the organization is taking the necessary steps to becoming a TGI affirming employer and stands with the MTJP’s mission.

If you are TGI, you can help build, promote, & grow the movement by getting involved and possibly sharing your story. Contact the Office of LGBTQ Affairs at [email protected] to find out more.

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