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New Americans Fellowship

2023 new Americans fellowship application and policy information flyer


2024 NAF Application



NAF 2023 Cohort 

2023 New Americans Fellows photo


The County of Santa Clara Office of Immigrant Relations is proud to present the 7th cohort of the New Americans Fellowship (NAF). In 2016, under the leadership of the Board of Supervisors, NAF was created as a professional development pipeline for DACA recipients interested in working with the county organization. The core components of the NAF have since evolved to include critical policy and issue analysis, professional development and mentorship, leadership development, participatory action research, and narrative shifting. In 2022, the Board of Supervisors approved an expansion of eligibility for NAF to include immigrants that hold Temporary Protected Status (TPS), Refugee Status, U- or T-visas, and recipients of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). 

This summer, we partnered up with Mosaic America, a local non-profit organization that cultivates belonging and catalyzes inclusion through inter-cultural research and culturally distinct community asset mapping. Together, the Fellows presented Under the Same Dream: Unearthing Immigrant Narratives in Santa Clara County, a research project highlighting immigrant narratives and understanding the factors influencing civic engagement and voter turnout in immigrant communities in Santa Clara County.

Click the link below to watch their proposed potential strategies for improvement. 

NAF 2023 Results 

Under the Same Dream: Unearthing Immigrant Narratives in Santa Clara County:


NAF 2022 Results 

Stories Within Us - Contributions of Immigrants in Santa Clara County-booklet  

2022 NAF Presentation  

NAF 2021 Results 

2021 NAF Research Summary 

2021 NAF Presentation  

2021 NAF Video  


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