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The County of Santa Clara, Office of Disability Affairs (ODA) is part of the Office of County Executive in the Division of Equity and Social Justice. As a local government policy office, ODA works to create bridges to communities in an effort to end ableism in Santa Clara County and influence others to do the same.


The mission of the County of Santa Clara is to plan for the needs of a dynamic community, provide quality services, and promote a healthy, safe, and prosperous community for all. ODA supports the County mission by addressing systemic access barriers and promoting disability inclusion.


All people in Santa Clara County can participate equitably in every aspect of public and private life, with bodily autonomy and self-determination, and with nobody left behind. All bodies and minds are recognized as unique, essential, and whole. People with disabilities are integral community members. 



Our Pro-Equity Approaches

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Change the Narrative
Normalize conversations about disabilities to advance disability equity while shifting from a community to accommodates to one that includes, values, and celebrates.

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Subject Matter Expertise
Foster effective and accountable leadership to advance the goals of ODA through technical assistance, engaging experts, and serving as a convener to share trends and emerging practices.  

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Transformational Change 
Transform systems, structures, and policies that build toward inclusion and work to dismantle barriers; Create true disability equity and access.


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Partnerships and Community Engagement
Cultivate and strengthen cross-sector partnerships for collective impact toward ODA goals.  

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Policy Analysis
Shape the policy arena to support positive outcomes across sectors for disability communities across the life span, County geographic areas, and multiple intersecting identities. 

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Data, Evaluation, and Accountability
Build a robust data infrastructure to improve outcomes for all communities, especially disability communities.  


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