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In the face of hate and bias, the County of Santa Claras Division of Equity and Social Justice (DESJ) is offering Mini Grants for individuals and groups to-lead activities that empower vulnerable, marginalized communities and address the concerning rise of hate incidents and acts in Santa Clara County. Grant awards are up to $2,500.


About the Community Engagement Mini Grants

These grants are intended for community members and groups, including but not limited to, grass root organizations, activists, neighborhood groups, and community-based organizations. Proposed activities/projects for grant awards are meant to promote cross-cultural understanding, relationship building activities among community members, learning about allyship to support those affected by hate and bias, and/or educating the community about resources and services that address the concerning rise of hate incidents and acts in Santa Clara County.

DESJ will offer flexible, easy-to-access funding for community members and groups. The mini grant award process is uniquely designed to be accessible, inclusive and welcoming to community members and maximizes opportunities for innovative, community driven activities.

Mini grant applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis from August 30, 2021 June 30, 2022 OR until grants are exhausted, whichever comes first.



For questions about the application, contact Jennifer Roth, [email protected]

    1. What is a "hate crime"?

    The term "hate crime" describes various crimes of violence against a person, threats of violence against a person, or damage to property because of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, gender or sexual orientation, or because there is a perception the person has one or more of those characteristics. For more information, visit the Hate Crimes Team's website from the County of Santa Clara District Attorney's Offiace

    2. Who can apply for the Mini Grants?

    Any individual resident of Santa Clara County or any group, including nonprofits, grass root organizations, advocacy groups that are located in Santa Clara County.

    3. What are the eligibility requirements for Mini Grants?

    a. Eligible applicants must be 18 years or older.

    b. Must be a resident of Santa Clara County or an organization located in Santa Clara County.

    In addition, for proposals to be considered, the applicant must:

    ·  Propose projects or activities that will take place in Santa Clara County.

    ·  Have a valid government identification card and US bank account

    ·  Provide a W-9 Tax form with the application to be considered for a mini grant award.

    4. What type of documentation do I need to provide with my application?

    Applicants must attach a filled-out W-9 tax form in order for the application to be considered complete.

    5. What type of activities, events, and/or projects will be considered for application proposals?

    Examples of activities, events, and/or projects will be considered for application proposals:

    · Community Listening Sessions to build awareness, identify lessons learned, and/or foster community healing process

    · Development of Education Materials and/or Toolkits to support cross community education, learning and allyship with a wide outreach plan

    · Trainings/Workshops to offer bystander intervention, and/or community/neighborhood ambassador trainings

    · Know Your Rights Campaigns to promote awareness of hate crimes and resources through local grassroot outreach campaigns

    · Community Outreach Campaigns to educate the community at large about resources and information to prevent, address, and combat hate crimes

    · Hosting Speaker Series/Speaker Panels to promote community dialogue on cross cultural understanding and allyship

    · Community Event(s) to provide a venue for celebrating contribution by marginalized communities, and/or promote cross-cultural community forums for education and support of the community

    · Storytelling Project(s) to celebrate, preserve local history and educate the next generation about historically marginalized communities.

    6. If I am selected, how will the Mini Grant award be provided?

    All applicants who receive a Mini Grant award will need to sign a Mini Grant agreement and provide a voided check or a bank memo to set up disbursement of the Mini Grant award via direct deposit to the Applicant’s bank account.

    7. What is the application timeframe?

    While applications are accepted from August 30, 2021 through June 30, 2022 OR until funds are exhausted, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible! Mini grants are first come, first served and we expect a strong community interest.

    8. When will I be notified about my application status?

    All applicants will receive a confirmation of their submitted application within 2 business days. Applicants should expect to hear back from our team within about 30 days regarding the outcome of their application including whether they were selected to receive a grant award.

    9. What if I have questions that are not listed here?

    a. We are scheduling a second Q&A session. Dates and times TBA. 

    b. Please contact administration, Jennifer Roth, [email protected]

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