Shannon Balco, Sr. Executive Assistant

Headshot of Shannon Balco

Shannon has over 20 years of experience with the County of Santa Clara. She spent her first ten years with the Board of Supervisors Office serving in various administrative leadership roles. At the Board of Supervisors, Shannon was the office Manager for District One, working under former County Supervisor Don Gage to successfully serve south county residents. After serving for Supervisor Don Gage, Shannon accepted a position in the County Executive’s Office as a Senior Executive Assistant. During this time, she has assisted Emily Harrison and James Williams, covering areas such as Redevelopment, Emergency of Emergency Management, County Fire, County Communications, Countywide Contracting, Procurement, and Pretrial Services.

Shannon is currently supporting Deputy County Executive, David Campos, and the Division of Equity & Social Justice (DESJ). She is a vital member of the DESJ as she is tasked to address internal and external challenges as they relate to equity, social justice, and County systems alongside Mr. Campos and Division Managers. Shannon’s commitment to public service and advancing the health and welfare of Santa Clara County residents inspires those who work around her and aligns with the core mission of the DESJ.

Contact Information

2460 N. 1st Street
Suite 220
San Jose, CA 95131
United States

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